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Your Procurement Partner

Traderston FZE provides procurement service for businesses and individuals. We do this to help every stakeholder improve its supply chain costs.

As professionals and highly experienced company – we provide clients’ specialty sourcing services which include but not limited to:

  • Global Product Sourcing and Resourcing,
  • Supplier Cost and Production Management,
  • Quality Control, and
  • Logistics

The core area of Traderston FZE Procurement services – utilizes state-of-the-art process solutions to optimize the value chain of every stage.

These officially include well-organized & efficient procurement procedures, legally trustworthy customs processing, tactical procurement services in collaboration with other companies in UAE and other countries.

Our Corporate Purchasing department will offer centralized purchasing of goods and associated services at very affordable pricing, so that budgets will be well maximized! And we always ensure that requirements for products and services are fully met through open and fair course of action.

Why Choose Us:

  • You should choose our procurement services in UAE, because we have many years of experience as dependable procurement experts.
  • We have procured only the best of products and services for thousands of happy clients over the years.
  • We have links with the best of manufacturers and suppliers around the world.
  • Every deal is done within 100% transparency.
  • And we provide comprehensive support for global import/export processing.